Sydney, CBS
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Valerie Bertinelli played the title character, a private investigator named Sydney Kells (who we liked). Matthew Perry (later of Friends) played her brother, a cop named Billy Kells. Craig Bierko played a lawyer named Matt Keating (a potential romantic interest for Sydney). Syd's best friend was a woman named Jill (who we liked). There was also a guy named Ray (played by Barney Martin, who'd later play Jerry's father on Seinfeld), who ran a bar the characters frequented, and who was the former police partner of Sydney and Billy's recently deceased father. There were also a couple of guys named Perry and Cheezy (the latter played by Daniel Baldwin), whom I don't remember well. But anyway, I always thought it was a clever, witty, quirky show. Quite funny, with fast-paced banter. It kind of had the feel of a 1930s or 40s screwball comedy, which I quite liked. The opening theme was an excerpt from "Finish What Ya Started" by Van Halen (Bertinelli was married to Eddie Van Halen, at the time). And I don't know what else to say. I don't remember it well, but it was awesome, and I've always wished it would've lasted more than one season. And I'd love to see it again someday.

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