I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Outlaws, CBS
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An interesting show. Back in the old West (in 1899), there was a gang of outlaws, and then one of them quit his life of crime and became a sheriff. And then one night he was facing down his old gang, and there was this electrical storm, and lightning hit them and transported them to the year 1986. And then they all fought crime together. And y'know, they'd be walking side by side all Western-style and each have some little snippet of a phrase he'd say, which all worked together, and I can only remember that the end of the thing was the youngest one said "...to the hilt." I wish I could remember everyone's piece... It was cool, or something. Anyway, a fun show. Don't remember it well, but it was fun. Yeah, it was ridiculous, but so frickin' what? Since it was set in the present, I guess it's not technically a Western, but if I remembered it better, I might put it under Westerns. Or maybe "detective shows." I dunno. But since my memories are so vague, and since the show didn't last very long, I guess "too something" will do. Anyway, I'd love to see the show again someday.

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