Harts of the West, CBS
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A quirky show about a guy named Dave Hart (played by Beau Bridges), who decided, after a heart attack, to quit his job and move out west, to Nevada. He tried to revive an old dude ranch. The show also included his wife, Alison (who we liked), daughter, L'Amour (named after Louis L'Amour), and sons Zane Grey and John Wayne (talk about theme naming, right?) And there was an old guy named Augie, and his granddaughter, Cassie (who we liked), and a waitress named Rose, and a guy named Jake (played by Beau's father, Lloyd Bridges). And some other characters. I don't remember anything very specific about the show, but I know I liked it a lot, and thought it was a shame it didn't last longer (there were only 15 episodes). Someday I'm sure I'll get it on DVD, and write a proper review.

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