Three Moons Over Milford, ABC Family
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Well, I read a couple of negative reviews of the show before seeing the first episode, but I was looking forward to checking it out, anyway. And... I didn't dislike it. It's, you know, okay... but not really great. It definitely had an interesting premise, but I always felt like the show was trying too hard to be "quirky," without succeeding as well as the creators might have hoped. There were only 8 episodes before it was cancelled, and I didn't get to see all of them. I kind of might like to see the show again someday, but... meh, I kinda don't care.

Anyway, it's about a small town called Milford. But the show's quirkiness comes not so much specifically from the types of people who live in Milford, but from the fact that people all over the world are acting more quirky these days, ever since the Moon broke into three large pieces (and smaller pieces that might occasionally fall and burn up in the atmosphere, like shooting stars), and the orbit of these three pieces of Moon may be decaying, so... the world could end. Predictions for when this will happen seem to range from days to decades. Some people would prefer to go on with life as usual, while others are trying to just do whatever they feel like without worrying about consequences (this state of mind is referred to as "tri-lunar fever"). Anyway, there's some kind of conglomerate called Syndek which may well prove important to the plot...

The main character is Laura Davis (who we like). Her husband Carl was like the head of Syndek or whatever, but tri-lunar fever made him decide to leave town to climb the "seven summits," the highest mountains on each continent. So Laura is now stuck raising their kids alone, and also has to deal with the fact that she has no money, because the company is in trouble, so like the stock options or whatever that Carl left her are essentially worthless, and may even put her in debt. Meanwhile, their son Alex has just turned 16, and he starts a relationship with a 30-year-old woman named Claire Ling (who we like), who doesn't know how young Alex is. And the Davises' daughter Lydia (who we kinda like) has taken up Wicca, and she and a couple of other girls tried to use witchcraft to restore the moon... but ended up accidentally burning down the local school. There's also a lawyer named Mack, who gives Laura a job, and may become a love interest for her. And there are other characters I can't think of anything to say about. Nor can I think of anything else to say about the show in general....

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