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Empty Nest, NBC
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We liked Carol best. We also quite liked Emily, the one season she was on the show. She was awful cute. And speaking of limited-season characters, Paul Provenza was funny as Patrick, when he was on the show.

But I get ahead of myself. Anyway, there was this pediatrician named Harry Weston in Miami who had two grown daughters, Carol and Barbara, living at home. Um, and he was a widower, and his youngest daughter, Emily, was just sort of a free spirit or something who we never saw for the first several years, I guess, cuz she was travelling or whatever. And um, also Harry had a nurse named Laverne who worked for him, who told weird stories. And a pretty dumb and annoying and self-centered, thoughtless neighbor, Charley Dietz, who seemed to think he was friends with the doc and his daughters, except maybe Carol, who he never got along with and who really couldn't stand him. Oh, and they had a dog named Dreyfuss. What else? I dunno. This was a spin-off of Golden Girls, and in turn, Empty Nest produced the spin-off Nurses (see other stuff). I should probably say more, but I'm afraid I can't think what.

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