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Designing Women, CBS
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This was about four women who ran an interior design business in Atlanta, Georgia. Two of them were sisters, Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker. The other two were Mary Jo Shively (who we liked) and Charlene Frazier. There was also an ex-con named Anthony Bouvier, who worked for them. He was a pretty nice guy, who I think wasn't guilty of whatever he'd been in jail for. Anyway, there were some other characters in the later seasons, who I don't remember well, and didn't care fore as much. But throughout the series there were some decent recurring characters, such as an old lady named Bernice Clifton, who was kind of batty; and Julia's boyfriend, Reese Watson. And other people. To be honest, I don't remember much specifically about the show, except that it was funny, but also sort of classy, in a very "Southern" way. And smarter than your average sitcom. (It almost felt more like something that should be on stage, rather than on TV.) Anyway, Julia (who we liked) was the classiest character on the show, while her younger sister Suzanne was the least classy, or at least the least intelligent. Um... I don't know what else to say. The theme music was "Georgia On My Mind," normally an instrumental version, but there was at least one season in which it was actually sung by Ray Charles. I really should see this again someday. Though... it might be the kind of thing I wouldn't like as much, now, as I did when it was new.

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