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Cybill, CBS
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It seems to me that when this show started, it was described as an American version of Absolutely Fabulous. There were certainly some similarities, but I think it's best just to take the show on its own merits, without drawing comparisons to anything. Anyway, Cybill Shepherd (who we have always quite liked) played an aging and struggling actress named Cybill Sheridan, who was still friends with her two ex-husbands, a stuntman named Jeff and a writer named Ira. She had a grown daughter named Rachel (who we liked). I think she was Jeff's daughter. And Cybill had a teenaged daughter named Zoey (who we quite liked), who I think was Ira's daughter. And Rachel was married to a man named Kevin. The show focused to a great extent on the exploits of Cybill and her best friend, Maryann Thorpe (who we liked). She had at least one ex-husband herself, who she despises.

I don't really know what to say, except that it was a hilarous show with an awesome cast playing great characters. My favorite character was the very snarky Zoey, but they were all great. I don't remember much of anything specific about the show, but I do remember liking it a great deal when it was on. And of course I'd love to see it again, someday. Oh yeah, also, I really liked the theme song, "Nice Work if You Can Get It," sung by Cybill herself.

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