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Bob Newhart played a guy named Bob McKay, a greeting card artist who used to make a comic book called "Mad-Dog," in like the 1950s. It didn't last long, but now, decades later, this guy named Harlan Stone revived Mad-Dog and hired Bob to work on it. But Bob and Harlan had vast creative differences (Harlan wanted a much darker series than Bob.) There were a few other people who worked on the comic, I guess, though the only ones I remember at all are Chad and Albie, both of whom I thought were pretty funny, but in different ways. Meanwhile, Bob had a wife named Kaye (who we kinda liked), and an adult daughter named Trisha (played by Cynthia Stevenson, who we quite liked). Chad had a crush on Trisha. The second season was completely retooled, and I guess didn't involve Mad-Dog anymore, nor any of the people who had worked on the comic. I don't really remember that season, but the show was cancelled halfway through it. Anyway, I don't remember whether I liked the second season or not, but I definitely liked the first season, and I'm sure I would have rated it higher at the time than I do in retrospect. But I'm sure I'll get the series on DVD someday, maybe write up a better review.

I should also mention that Marvel put out a six-issue miniseries of Mad-Dog, which was actually two stories in each issue. Read from one side and you got the book as done by Bob, and flip it over to read the book as done by Harlan. Well, I've got those comix. I should read them again someday, maybe write up a separate review for them. Anyway, that's all I can think to say, except that it's really a shame the show didn't last longer.

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