I haven't seen enough of this to rate it.

Benson, ABC
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Haven't seen much of this, but it was terribly funny, and it had a great cast. I doubt I ever saw it when it first aired, but many years later I did see some reruns on TV Land, and I'd really like to see some more of it, someday. Anyway, it was a spin-off from Soap (stuff I want to see). On that show was an African-American butler named Benson DuBois, played by the incredible Robert Guillaume (who's more familiar to me from Sports Night). When spun off into his own series, Benson went to work as butler for Governor James Gatling, who was rather scatterbrained. He relied on Benson for a lot of political advice, as well as help raising his daughter, Katie. Other characters included a German maid named Gretchen Kraus, with whom Benson didn't seem to get along; Secretary of State Clayton Endicott III (played by Rene Auberjonois, more familiar to me as Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), with whom Benson also didn't get along; the governor's secretary, Marcy Hill; and a press assistant named Pete Downey (played by Ethan Phillips, more familiar to me as Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager).

Anyway, like I said, the show was pretty funny, constant jokes and quips and sarcasm and whatnot, from pretty much every character. But of course, Benson was the best. The funniest, the smartest, the most reasonable, sanest character on the show. And in the course of the series, he rose in official position, eventually becoming lieutenant governor. Not sure what else to say right now, but if I ever see more, hopefully I can write a better review.

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