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State of Grace, FOX Family Channel
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Not a tremendously great show, but quite good. It's kinda Wonder Years-ish. Well, it's narrated by an adult Hannah Rayburn, whose Jewish family moved from Chicago to Ashmore, N.C. to open a furniture factory in 1965, when Hannah was 12. She attends a Catholic school called the Pines, where she meets Grace McKee. They become best friends. And um... Let's see, what to say? Grace's mother Tattie has been married several times. With her first husband, she had a son named Walker, who wants to be a jazz musician. Hannah has a bit of a crush on him. Anyway, Tattie is divorced from Walker's father. I think her second husband, who died, was Grace's father. And I guess Tattie's been divorced several times since then, I dunno. Maybe just once. Whatever, she's been dating a guy named Tommy lately. Um... anyway... Tattie's fairly wealthy and well-travelled and glamorous and stuff, and Grace is much the same, for a 12-year-old, I guess. And... um, Hannah's got a fairly interesting family, I guess. Her uncle Heschie is just kinda nutty in a way. Her mom's played by Dinah Manoff, who I always liked on Empty Nest. I dunno what else to say. It's really just a pretty cute and fun little show. Very nice.

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