I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Christy, CBS
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Based on a book that I haven't read. The main character was a schoolteacher named Christy Huddleston (who we like), who went to teach in this small town called Cutter Gap, Tennessee, in 1912. And like, there were a couple different guys who were interested in her, I guess: Reverend David Grantland, and Dr. Neil MacNeill. And Tyne Daly played this sort of I dunno, strict woman who talked all King James-style. (Um, I guess she was a Quaker.) And uh, there were other characters, too. I don't remember it that well. Anyway, I liked the show at first, but I thought it got kinda tired after awhile. Still, I might like to see it again someday, so I could write a proper review. Also, there were later some TV movies on ION, but I never saw them. And I guess some of the actors were different anyway, including the one who played Christy herself. Which might make me not very interested in ever seeing them.

I'm fairly sure the series has rerun on a few different channels over the years, like Family Channel, Hallmark, Gospel Music Channel, maybe others. But I don't know that it's currently airing anywhere.

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