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That '70s Show, FOX (reruns on ABC Family, MTV, and Nick@Nite)
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So there was this group of teenaged friends in the 1970s. And a couple of their families. The core group were this sort of mild-mannered but sarcastic nice guy named Eric Forman; his girlfriend Donna Pinciatti (who we like), who was an intelligent feminist who I think felt somewhat cursed by her own hotness; a self-centered and shallow girl named Jackie Burkhart (who we like); a dumb pretty-boy named Michael Kelso (who spent most of the series dating Jackie); an anti-establishment guy named Steven Hyde; and a sort of dopey foreign exchange student named Fez. I think most of these people either thought they were, or wanted to be, cooler than they actually were. But they were all really funny. Other characters included Eric's slutty older sister, Laurie; their parents Red and Kitty (Red was rather cantankerous and hard on Steve, while Kitty tended to be overly nice to everyone); Donna's parents, Bob and Midge (Bob was kind of a jackass, who thought of Red as his best friend, even though Red found him annoying); and Leo Chingkwake (played by Tommy Chong), a hippie burn-out who was Hyde's boss and friend.

I didn't see the whole series, but whenever I did watch, it was pretty cool. The whole cast was awesome, and most of them have gone on to do other cool stuff. The characters were great, the whole dynamic of their friendship was great, the humor was, you know, humorous. And while I can't say for sure, not having been born until 1975, I strongly suspect this show is way cooler than the actual 70s were. Oh, also the theme song, "In the Street," was pretty awesome. Um, I suppose I should also mention that there was a show called "That '80s Show," which was inspired by the success of this show. But it kind of sucked and didn't last long and I doubt anyone remembers it. Which is as it should be. Anyway, I wish I could think of more to say about "That '70s Show," but I can't. I really should try to catch some reruns, but even if I do, I don't expect I'll come up with anything more to say about it.

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