I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

You Wish!, Disney Channel
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Alex Lansing (played by A.J. Trauth, Twitty on Even Stevens) gets like a magic coin and makes a wish on it that he never had a brother, because his little brother Stevie is always messing up his life. So the wish comes true and his life is everything he wanted it to be. Although everything he thought he wanted turns out not to be what he thought it'd be. Plus he misses his little brother, I guess. Who still exists, just unrelated to him. He's an actor on a popular TV show, and Alex and his friend Abby (played by Lalaine, Miranda on Lizzie McGuire) meet the kid and they all work together to try and undo the wish. Cuz despite being a big TV star, the kid isn't happy with his life, either. No privacy, no freedom, and all that. It's not a bad movie, but not something I particularly feel the need to see again.

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