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Twitches Too, Disney Channel
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Sequel to Twitches. (I have no idea why the title has the word "Too" instead of just "2". It seems totally pointless, but I take some small measure of comfort in that the logo for the movie uses an emblem or whatever which looks almost as much like a "w" as it does an "o," so whatever.)

Anyway, Alex is staying with Camryn's earth family, as she's just starting to go to the same university as Camryn. Um... I thought the movie wasn't that good at first, even thought I might not finish watching it. But it got a bit better later. Probably not quite as good as the first movie, which I also thought was just okay. Whatever. Um... Thantos was stuck in the "Shadowlands" and the Twitches were supposed to perform a ritual on the solar eclipse, to vanquish everything in the Shadowlands before Thantos could regain his human form. But Alex was convinced their father Aron was still alive somewhere in the Shadowlands, and trying to contact her. So she didn't want to do the spell. Meanwhile, Ileana and Karsh are planning to get married. And there were a couple of potential love interests in the movie for the Twitches. And some other plot points, but nothing I really feel like mentioning. Anyway, eventually, after the worst seems to happen, things turn out for the best, inevitably. Oh, and I guess Ileana and Aron were played by different actors than in the first movie. I think I liked the original Ileana better, but no big. And Aron hasn't got much of a role in either movie, anyway.

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