tek's rating: meh and a half

Twitches, Disney Channel
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21 years ago, there was a war in the magical dimension of Coventry. This evil thing called "the Darkness" was trying take over, and apparently only the magic of King Aron and Queen Miranda could keep it at bay. And Aron was alone while Miranda was giving birth to Apolla and Artemis. Two of Aron's loyal servants, Illeana and Karsh took the babies to our dimension, where they were each adopted and raised by different people. Apolla was called Camryn and Artemis was called Alex. On their 21st birthdays (which happen to be on Halloween), they meet, and learn they have magical powers. And ever since they were kids, Camryn had been drawing pictures of Coventry, and Alex had been writing about it, but neither of them knew it was real. Now they have to work together to fight the Darkness, which has been growing more powerful, and wants to destroy them since it has learned they are still alive. The Darkness also turns out to be their uncle, Thantos.

I thought it started out kind of cheesy, and it was never really great, but it got better as it went on. Some bits were reasonably amusing. The final battle was a bit underwhelming and cliched. But all in all, I thought the movie was kinda okay, better than I expected it to be. Not sure what else to say. Oh, there was also a sequel.

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