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Nash Bridges, CBS
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Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) played Nash Bridges, an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. His partner was Joe Dominguez (played by Cheech Marin). Nash has been divorced twice, I guess, though I only recall ever seeing one of his ex-wives, Lisa (played by Annette O'Toole, who I'd also later like on Smallville). And they had a grown daughter named Cassidy. And Nash's father, Nick, lived with him. He suffered from dementia, so he was a bit odd, but amusing (which could just as easily be explained by the fact that he was played by James Gammon). And Joe had a Swedish wife named Inger. They had a grown son named J.J. and a baby daughter named Lucia. And there were a couple other inspectors who worked with Nash and Joe: Harvey Leek and Evan Cortez. I'm sure there were other recurring characters, but those are the only ones I remember at all.

Anyway... while I don't remember any specific stories, it was kind of a quirky show, and amusing, as well as being a pretty cool police/action show, and I'd say a fitting spiritual successor to Miami Vice, in a way. I'd definitely like to see the series again someday, to refresh my memory. I'm pretty sure I'd rate the show a bit higher, if I remembered it better.

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