legal & detective dramas

As you might guess, this category is mainly for shows that are about police and/or lawyers, as well as private detectives. It could also be for shows about the FBI, CIA, NSA, or any organizations that investigate crimes (or try accused criminals), or engage in espionage, etc. The shows could be mysteries, or procedurals, or whatever. I dunno. I call it "dramas," but some of the shows here are definitely dramedies, maybe even comedies. (I'll also link to some shows here that are actually in other categories, but there may be some shows with legal elements in other categories that I don't link to here, for some reason. Like if I feel that aspect is drastically overshadowed by the aspect that makes me put it in the other category in the first place; or else if it simply doesn't occur to me to put a link here.)

Um... you know I always like to try to be marginally clever with my names of subdirectories and file names, for my review pages. Here we have law/order.html, which obviously brings to mind "Law & Order." Which is a fine show, but I haven't seen that much of it, let alone any of its 30 or 40 spin-offs (hyperbole is fun!) So perhaps it's a bit ironic to name the file names that house this category after it. Or perhaps it simply makes perfect sense, without regard to the specific show. Or perhaps it's stupid. Or, and this is what I feel is most likely, it's something utterly irrelevant which you wouldn't even have noticed if I hadn't brought it up.

So anyway... I guess I can't think what else to say right now. On with the reviews!

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