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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, ABC
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Well, I probably watched two or three seasons of this. I dunno. Maybe a bit more. Can't really remember, but I know it must've gone on for a few years or so after I stopped watching it. Anyway, it was based on a comic book that I never read, about a cute teenage witch named Sabrina Spellman. She lived with her aunts, Hilda and Zelda. I dunno where Sabrina's parents were, dead or just away, or what. One of them was a mortal, so she was actually only half-witch. And there was a talking cat named Salem Saberhagen, who was a warlock that had been turned into a cat as punishment for like, trying to take over the world, or something. But he was funny. Probably the best part of the show, actually, aside from the eye candy that was Sabrina. And Zelda. And some of Sabrina's school friends that I don't really remember well now. And her school rival, Libby.

So, what else to say? There was a slightly dumb guy named Harvey Kinkle, who Sabrina dated. I don't even remember if they were a couple at the start of the series or if it took awhile before they became more than just friends. But he didn't know Sabrina was a witch. No mortals did, I suppose, and the Spellmans had to keep people from finding out. Thus, hilarity ensued. Well, it was always a fairly campy little show, or cheesy, or something. But fun, and sort of funny, and silly. And, you know, there was magic. And a whole other realm the Spellmans occasionally went to, and other magical creatures and stuff, I guess. It could be kind of interesting, at times. Yep, a simple little guilty pleasure, the show was. But eventually I think it just got too dumb, and also perhaps too much about the eye candy, IMO, so I got sick of it and stopped watching. But it was okay for awhile. The first couple seasons I probably rate at least two smileys, maybe two and a half, but in the long run, I think one and a half is (possibly more than) sufficient....

The show spawned a sort of prequel animated series (see other cartoons).

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