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The Famous Jett Jackson, Disney Channel
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I never watched a lot of this, but it's not a bad show, really. Anyway, there's this guy named Jett who plays this cool superspy called Silverstone on a TV show of the same name. And he moves the production of his show to his hometown of Wilstead, North Carolina, cuz he wants to be with his family, and his friends J.B. and Kayla, and have a normal life in addition to being a TV star. Silverstone is kind of interesting, I guess. Sort of. Later on he gets a partner named Hawk, played by this girl named Riley (who we liked). I'm sorry there's not really anything else I can say...

There was also a TV movie, Jett Jackson: The Movie, in which somehow the "real" Jett Jackson and the fictional Silverstone switch lives. It was weird, but generally more interesting than the regular series. Someday it might be nice to see it again and write up a proper review, although unlike the series, I reckon you'd have to consider it sci-fi....

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