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Even Stevens, Disney Channel
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The first full episode of this I ever watched was "Influenza," which at the time I considered a total rip-off of the Buffy episode "Once More, With Feeling." But it was still kind of cool. Later, I tried to catch more of the series (though I'm sure I must've seen bits and pieces of episodes prior to Influenza). Um, it's sort of about this brother and sister, Louis and Ren Stevens. Louis is kinda weird, and Ren is an overachiever. They each have their own friends, and enemies too I guess. At least Ren seems to have an arch-rival in Larry Beale. Um, and there's a band, too, I guess, the Twitty-Stevens Connection. Twitty is one of Louis's best friends. There's also a sort of weird guy named Tom in the show, who kind of reminds me a bit of Kirk on Gilmore Girls, but only a little. Another of Louis's friends was a girl named Tawny, who I thought was cool. There was also a kid called "Beans" who liked to hang out with Louis and his friends, though I think they mostly found him kind of annoying. And there were several other characters, including Ren and Louis's older brother, and their parents, and some other kids (Ren had at least a couple of friends, of whom I remember Ruby best). Anyway, the show could be kind of funny and stuff, but I rarely got into it enough to watch a full episode.

See also The Even Stevens Movie (Disney DVD; IMDb; Wikipedia), in which the Stevens family wins a trip to a tropical island, but it turns out they're actually on a reality show, but they're not told this, and the evil producer pits them against each other and stuff. I should've written a proper review when I watched the movie, but I didn't. And now I suppose I never will. Oh well.

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