tek's rating: ½

Caitlin's Way, Nickelodeon
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There's this girl named Caitlin Seeger (who we like). She's from Philly, but she got shipped around to various foster homes or something, I guess, cuz her mom was dead and her dad was just gone. And she was all cynical and stuff, and gets into trouble, and finally gets sent to High River, Colorado, to live with these relatives she never knew she had. Dorrie and Jim Lowe (the local vet and sheriff, respectively), and their son Griffen. And it's all rural and she doesn't like it. All she really likes is photography, but she gets a horse named Bandit, and she likes him. And she eventually starts getting used to her new family, I guess, but never completely. Anyway, I think she's pretty cool. And deserves a better show. I wish I could remember it better to tell you more about it, but... it never really was that important to me, I guess, except for the main character....

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