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My So-Called Life, ABC
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Um... yeah, didn't last long, and I never got to see it till it reran on MTV, for awhile. But anyway, this show pretty much defined angst. It was pretty brilliant. The writing and acting, the characters, and all. It was really great, but I swear, you can't watch a marathon. One episode alone is hard to watch without needing a drink. You just drown in this show, it's so heavy.

Um... it's about this girl named Angela Chase, played by the incredible Claire Danes. And she has, y'know, a life to deal with, and stuff. Friends, Rayanne and Rickie. What else? Angela has a crush, Jordan Catalano. A little sister, and parents, and high school, and all kinds of problems and stuff. Whattaya want, being a teenager sucks. Like every other age in life. And that's all this is, this show, is life. Only drearier. But still brilliant stuff. It could be somewhat humorous, in a generally realistic way, and occasionally even heartwarming. But mostly angsty.

I'm afraid I don't remember it well enough to say more, but I expect I'll get it on DVD someday, then maybe I can update this entry a bit. I hope...

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