Animaniacs tek's rating: ½

Animaniacs, FOX / The WB
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Well, this is a pretty good show, and I'm sure I should rate it higher, I just haven't seen enough of it. It's terribly funny and just really nuts, and a modern classic. The main characters are "the Warner brothers," Yakko and Wakko, and "the Warner sister, "Dot." They basically annoy the other characters they interact with, but they're really funny and they sing truly inspired and hilarious songs and stuff. Wakko's my favorite. He seems the craziest to me. Maybe. They're all quite mad, though. Maybe I just like Wakko because he sounds like a Beatle. I dunno.

Anyway, there are other little cartoons within the show, such as Mindy & Buttons, Goodfeathers, Skippy and Slappy... whatever. Bunches of stuff, I don't know what all. And of course Pinky & the Brain got their start here, before they got their own series. So it really is a great show. I can't help feeling guilty about not rating it higher. But as much as I think it's objectively great and deserves to be loved by all crazy people like myself, I dunno... it's still not one of my favorites. (I'm not sure if I ever saw it on either Fox or the WB; I feel like I must have mostly seen scattered reruns on Nickelodeon.)

There was also a direct-to-video movie, Wakko's Wish, which sort of served as a finale to the series, I guess.

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