Star Trek/Rounders Timeline
The Next Generation Era (2364)

(Note: stardates sometimes seem to be messed up somewhat, but I'm mentioning events in the order they're mentioned in Chronology. Where stardates are not given, none were mentioned in the episode. These episodes aren't all in the same order they're listed at for some reason, either. Oh well. Anyway, I'll update some of these entries as I review their episodes every now and again.)


Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of Enterprise-D on stardate 41148.

ST:TNG Season One

Encounter at Farpoint, Parts I and II (sd. 41153)
Enterprise goes to Farpoint Station, recently built by the Bandi at Deneb IV. It turns out they had used an injured giant space jellyfish type thing, which could turn itself into different things, in this case the station itself. But before the crew figured that out, Q (a member of the Q Continuum, a bunch of super-powerful non-corporeal beings) put humanity on trial (charged with being a "grievously savage race" or a "dangerous, savage child-race," take your pick), with the Enterprise crew as its representatives. The Q never rendered a verdict, at this time. But they kept their eye on us. Anyway, the Enterprise crew fed the wounded space jellyfish enough energy so it could get up and fly away and join its mate, which had been attacking the Bandi colony (but not Farpoint Station itself). Also in this episode, Data claims that it's easy for humans to whistle, even though he's much better at it than I am.

The Naked Now (sd. 41209)
The crew of the Tsiolkovsky are infected with a virus similar to Psi 2000, and they all die before Enterprise can get there. Then the crew of that ship gets infected and Data has a little fling with Tasha Yar. Then a treatment is developed and everything gets back to normal. In this episode, Sarah MacDougal was Enterprise's chief engineer.

Code of Honor (sd. 41235)
Enterprise goes to Ligon II to establish a treaty and get a vaccine to fight Anchilles fever on Styris IV. Ligonian leader Lutan gets deposed by political rivals, we get the vaccine and deliver it.

Haven (sd. 41294)
Enterprise is heading for planet Haven for shore leave, when the Havenites ask them to prevent a Tarellian ship from landing. They fear the Tarellians, last survivors of biological warfare on their planet, will infect them. Meanwhile, Lwaxana Troi shows up along with Wyatt Miller and his folks, because Counselor Deanna Troi is s'posed to marry him. Some arranged thing. But Wyatt ends up staying with the Tarellians to try to find a cure for their plague.

Engineer Lieutenant Denise Kallerinth is assigned to Enterprise, brings her nephew/godson Jax DeSabel with her. Jax meets Sam Lator and Wesley Crusher, with whom he will become good friends.

Where No One Has Gone Before (sd. 41263)
Starfleet propulsion specialist Kosinski comes to Enterprise for experimental warp field upgrades. One test accidentally propels the ship past galaxy M33, where all kinds of trippy and dangerous stuff happens (thought becoming reality, Philadelphia Experiment reruns, etc.) Turns out this long-distance trip was caused by Kosinski's assistant, the Traveler, from Tau Alpha C. He's special. He thinks Wes Crusher is special, too. Picard makes Wes an acting ensign after he helps the Traveler get Enterprise back home. In this episode, Lt. Commander Argyle was Enterprise's chief engineer. It is unclear when he took over from MacDougal, but he would be chief engineer for the rest of the first season (I think).

Jax begins to notice the senior officers taking Wes relatively seriously, and how much Wes helps out. So Jax decides to start a friendly rivalry with Wes, constantly trying to one-up each other in various ways. Most of the senior staff usually find Jax more annoying than Wes, however, though they do recognize his intelligence and talents. They also notice him getting into more trouble... even if they're never aware of all of Jax's activities....

The Last Outpost (sd. 41386)
Enterprise chases a Ferengi ship to recover a stolen T-9 energy converter. When they get to the Delphi Ardu system, both ships are incapacitated by an energy beam from an outpost of the long-dead Tkon Empire. Both ships are eventually freed and Daimon Taar returns the energy converter.

Sam Lator's parents depart Enterprise, agreeing to let Sam stay on the ship. Sam will get to keep their quarters to himself, but Lt. Denise Kallerinth and Dr. Beverly Crusher both agree to look after him.

Lonely Among Us (sd. 41249)
Enterprise is transporting delegates from Antica and Selay, both of which have applied for membership in the Federation, to planetoid Parliament for a conference to resolve their conflicts. Meanwhile an energy-based life form inhabits crew members as well as the Enterprise itself, which turns out to be its way of exploring.

Justice (sd. 41255)
While Enterprise crew are on shore leave at Rubicun III with the locals, called Edo, Wes Crusher accidentally violates a minor law and is sentenced to death. Also there's some spaceborn noncorporeal entity that the Edos worship. Ultimately Picard violates the Prime Directive to get Wes released.

The Battle (sd. 41723)
Ferengi Daimon Bok offers Picard the wreck of his old ship, the Stargazer. Bok turns out to be after revenge against Picard for the death of Bok's son at the Battle of Maxia 9 years ago. He tried to make it look like Picard was responsible for attacking the Ferengi.

The Ferengi authorities stripped Bok of his title and command, and confined him to Rog Prison.

Hide and Q (sd. 41590)
Enterprise is heading to the Federation mining colony on Sigma III, where an explosion hurt a bunch of folks. Then Q shows up and makes the crew participate in an episode of Survivor or some crazy thing, and he turns Commander Riker into a Q because I guess the Continuum wasn't evolving anymore or something, so they needed some fresh blood. So Riker gave his friends some little miracle gifts or whatever, but they give them back and Riker becomes human again.

Too Short a Season (sd. 41309)
Karnas, a leader from planet Mordan IV, reports that terrorists have seized a group of hostages and demand the intervention of Starfleet admiral Mark Jameson, who had negotiated a similar hostage release 45 years ago. Enterprise transports Jameson to the planet. Meanwhile, the admiral is getting younger. Then it turns out that Jameson had given weapons to both sides of the conflict years ago, resulting in a 40-year civil war. Now Karnas was staging this new crisis so he could take revenge on Jameson. But the admiral died because his body couldn't handle the effects of this youth drug he'd gotten on Cerebus III, which he'd overdosed on.

The Big Goodbye (sd. 41997)
In order to pass through quadrant Korona IV, Captain Picard must perform a precise greeting to the Jarada. But, Picard, Data, Dr. Crusher, and ship's historian Whalen get stuck in a malfunctioning holodeck program (Dixon Hill) and are held at gunpoint by gangsters. Wes eventually fixes the holodeck and everyone gets out and Picard performs the greeting and everything is fine.

Datalore (sd. 41242)
Enterprise visits a Federation colony in the Omicron Theta system, where Data was discovered 26 years ago. The underground laboratory of cyberneticist Dr. Noonien Soong, who had created Data, is discovered. There they find android parts, which they take back to the ship. Dr. Crusher and Argyle reassemble the parts into an android and reactivate it. His name is Lore. He causes all sorts of trouble and impersonates Data and it turns out he had summoned a Crystalline Entity to feed on the colonists years ago as revenge for their demands that Dr. Soon deactivate him. He summoned the Entity to eat the Enterprise crew as well, but this plan failed, and after a fight between the android brothers, Data beamed Lore out into space.

Angel One (sd. 41636)
Seven years ago, Federation freighter Odin went missing when it was wrecked by an asteroid collision. The Enterprise now finds the freighter, missing 3 escape pods. They track the pods to planet Angel I. Society there is dominated by women, and men aren't taken very seriously or anything. But the freighter escapees have been living there and protesting this oppression. The planet's government wants Enterprise to take these malcontents away, but Picard decides the Prime Directive now applies to them as they've become part of the society. Meanwhile some students returned from a field trip and brought a virus with them which infected everybody, and there are Romulan Warbirds around a Federation border post at the Neutral Zone. The fugitives on Angel I are captured and sentenced to death, and Enterprise decides to take them back after all, but the prisoners don't want to go, because they're married and stuff. Then the government lets them stay in some remote area and Enterprise heads off toward the Neutral Zone, though no contact is made with the Romulans at this time.

11001001 (sd. 41365)
At Starbase 74 in orbit around Tarsas III, the Enterprise undergoes an overhaul by a group of Bynar technicians. While Riker is infatuated with a holographic woman named Minuet on the holodeck, the Bynars engineer a false malfunction which supposedly threatens the antimatter containment fields. Almost the whole crew abandons ship and the Bynars take Enterprise to serve as Bynaus's new central computer, upon which they were dependent for life-support before it was damaged when Beta Magellan went supernova. Picard and Riker use the ship's computer to restart the Bynar's computer. This episode also features the first mention of the game "parrises squares" when Yar, Worf, and two other crewmembers challenge a team from the starbase.

Home Soil (sd. 41463)
Enterprise goes to Velara III, which is being terraformed by a Federation team. The terraforming process is killing an inorganic life form native to the planet. Project director Mandl apparently ignored the fact that these life forms are intelligent. The life forms then attack the terraformers and try to take over Enterprise or whatever, but are eventually stopped, as is the terraforming project.

When the Bough Breaks (sd. 41509)
Enterprise discovers the planet Aldea in the Epsilon Mynos system. The planet's inhabitants have advanced technology, including a shield which renders their world invisible to outsiders. Meanwhile, the shield has damaged Aldea's ozone layer as well as causing radition which rendered the Aldeans sterile. Therefore they kidnap Wes and some other kids from Enterprise hoping they will eventually replenish the population. After failed attempts at negotiation, the Aldeans finally agree to release the children when presented with the cause of their infertility. They quit using the shield and Enterprise repairs their atmosphere, while Dr. Crusher develops a treatment for them.

Coming of Age (sd. 41416)
While in orbit of Relva VII, Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick of the Starfleet Inspector General's office investigates Picard's competency on the orders of Admiral Gregory Quinn. Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher undergoes Starfleet's entrance competition tests. He fails to gain admission, but is invited to reapply next year. Remmick reports that Picard's command is flawless, and Quinn offers him promotion to admiral and the position of Commandant of Starfleet Academy. But Picard chooses to stay with the Enterprise.

Heart of Glory (sd. 41503)
Enterprise rescues Klingons from Talarian freighter Batris just before it explodes. The warriors turn out to be fugitives opposed to the Klingon government, who try to enlist Worf in their cause. One of them dies and we see the Klingon howling death ritual. Also a couple of them have these nifty modular disruptors the components of which are secreted about their attire. Anyway, they try to take over Enterprise but ultimately fail. Worf is offered a position on the Klingon vessel which had shown up to collect the dissidents, but he declines.

The Arsenal of Freedom (sd. 41798)
Investigating the disappearance of the Drake at planet Minos, it is discovered that a malfunctioning defense system had destroyed that ship as well as the Minosian civilization which had created it. It attacked the away team as well as the Enterprise, but in the end it was shut down.

Enterprise receives a distress call from a disabled Ornaran freighter, the Sanction, and beams aboard its cargo and four individuals; 2 from Ornara and 2 from neighboring Brekka. The Sanction had been transporting felicium from Brekka to Ornara. It is apparently a cure for a plague, which can only be produced on Brekka. The Brekkians have been providing the Ornarans with felicium for 200 years now, in exchange for food and other basic necessities which the Ornarans can't produce for themselves. But it turns out to be a narcotic which the Ornarans don't really need anymore. They are unaware that they are merely addicted to it. Picard decides neither to inform the Ornarans of this deception, nor to repair their freighter. Therefore, he hopes, the felicium will not be delivered and the addiction will fade, and the Ornarans will realize they don't need the stuff.

Skin of Evil (sd. 41601)
A shuttlecraft returning Troi to Enterprise after a conference in the Zed Lapis sector crash lands on Vagra II. The crash was caused by an entity called Armus. Aparently the people of its world had long ago found away to cast off their own evil... thus, the PowerTar Thing was born!, I mean, Armus.... Anyway, it's all evil and lonely and miserable and needed some folks to torment. Enterprise shows up to rescue Troi and her pilot, but Armus toys around with the rescue team for awhile, and kills Yar for no particular reason. In the end everyone escapes and the planet is quarantined. Folks watch Tasha's holographic goodbye message she'd recorded in case she ever died. Worf becomes chief of security.

We'll Always Have Paris (sd. 41697)
Will Enterprise ever get to have an uneventful shore leave??? And how many attempts to do so can one crew make in a single season? Heading to Sarona VIII, they encounter a temporal distortion, as do other folks. Then they receive a distress call from Vandor IV, where the temporal distortions were caused by Dr. Paul Manheim, who was studying the relationship between time and gravity. His experiments opened a window into a new dimension, causing him neurochemical injury. Data manages to patch up the hole in reality, and Dr. Manheim seems to get better. Oh, and his wife Jenice used to be involved with Picard.

Conspiracy (sd. 41775)
Horatio captain Walter Keel requests Picard attend a secret meeting on planetoid Dytallix B, along with Captain Tryla Scott of the Renegade and Captain Rixx of the Thomas Paine. They believe Starfleet has been infiltrated at the highest level by some unknown threat. Picard has Data look into recent Starfleet activities, which seem unusual. The Horatio is inexplicably destroyed. Enterprise heads to Earth to confront Starfleet Command. A bunch of admirals, including Quinn, are being controlled by extragalactic parasites. Picard and Riker kill them and their mother creature, but not before it sends a beacon to an unexplored area of our galaxy.

The Neutral Zone (sd. 41986)
While Picard is away at Starbase 718 for a conference concerning the possibility of a Romulan threat after the destruction of outposts at Delta Zero Five and Tarod IX, near the Neutral Zone, Enterprise discovers a 20th century Earth cryosatellite containing the frozen remains of 3 humans, Claire Raymond, Sonny Clemonds, and Ralph Offenhouse, preserved for over 300 years. They are revived and have to deal with their new surroundings. Picard returns to the ship and they head for the Neutral Zone to investigate. There they meet a Romulan ship whose officers inform them the Romulans are not responsible for the destruction of the Federation outposts, and are investigating the disappearance of some of their own outposts. A pact is reached whereby either side will inform the other if they discover who's responsible. This is the first contact between the Federation and Romulans since the Tomed incident in 2311. Some years in the future, there will be speculation that the Borg were responsible for the disappearance of the Federation and Romulan outposts. The 20th century folks are later returned to Earth aboard the Charleston.


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