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Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo! In Love
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Based on the Tenchi Muyo! TV series. The title is somewhat misleading, as Tenchi isn't in love with anyone in this movie. The story is, a super-powerful criminal named Kain has escaped from imprisonment in subspace, and takes revenge against his captors. First he destroys the headquarters of the Galaxy Police, then he wants to destroy the Jurai royal family. For some reason, this means he has to kill Tenchi's mother, Achika, in 1970. So, in the present, Tenchi begins disappearing. But Washu manages to keep him from disappearing for a while, and sends him and his friends into the past to stop Kain. While there, they get to see the beginnings of the relationship between Achika and Noboyuki, who were both in high school at the time. Anyway... I didn't like the movie as well as the series, but it was still pretty fun, and good to see the gang in another adventure again.

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