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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light (PG)
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Based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series, though the movie doesn't really fit into the series. It was, it seems, made specifically for Western audiences. Okay... it sort of fits into the end of the third season, after Yugi Mutou acquires the three Egyptian God Cards at the end of the Battle City tournament. But it starts three years earlier, when Yugi first put together the Millennium Puzzle. At that time, not only did the Pharoah start sharing Yugi's mind, but apparently Anubis (here depicted as an ancient sorcerer, rather than one of the gods of ancient Egypt, but at least he's still associated with death- and has an army of mummies fighting for him) was released from an ancient imprisonment (sort of; he doesn't show up till 3 years later). There were a group of archaeologists exploring Anubis's tomb, though I'm not sure if that was supposed to be set when Yugi put together the puzzle, or 3 years later, when the rest of the movie is set.

At this point I'd like to stop and mention that, while everyone keeps saying Yugi's been dueling for 3 years, none of the characters seem any older. But hey, that's in keeping with the TV series, so whatever. In any event, Seto Kaiba is sick of losing to him, so he sets out to find a way to defeat him. Kaiba wins a duel against Pegasus, who promised him one card (Blue Eyes Shining Dragon) that could beat Yugi's god cards, but instead Kaiba gets two cards, much to Pegasus's surprise. It seems the other one, the Pyramid of Light, was somehow put there by Anubis. I have no idea how. But Kaiba wanted a rematch against Yugi, and meanwhile, there's this ancient artifact in the museum, the Pyramid of Light. Yep, just like the card. And the artifact, along with Anubis's body, disappear from the museum when Kaiba duels Yugi.

In the course of Kaiba's and Yugi's duel, Anubis takes over when he feels he has no further use for Kaiba. Anubis wants to take revenge against Yami for imprisoning him 5000 years ago, and also destroy all life on the planet, or whatever. You know, the usual. Somebody always wants to destroy the world.... Of course, there's also stuff for Yugi's friends to do. Their souls all get trapped inside Yugi's puzzle. Well, Yugi too, I guess, since of course it's actually Yami Yugi dueling Kaiba and Anubis. They all have to work against Anubis from the inside, while the Pharaoh is dueling on the outside.

Not sure what else to say. The good guys win, in the end, once again saving the world, so that they can go on to fight the next villain, in season four. I don't think the movie has any effect on the rest of the series. It's pretty pointless and unnecessary, and I'm not sure whether it even officially happened or not. Still, it was an enjoyable enough diversion, I guess....

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