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Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
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Well, let's see. Wikipedia tells me this, the second movie based on the series Naruto, takes place after episode 160, which is fairly early in season 7, which as we all know, is filler. But still cool. Um... anyway, the movie starts with a big battle going on. Sand Ninja are fighting some invaders or whatever, most of whom are wearing bulky armor (actually, I kind of thought the armor was just like, automatons or something). It wasn't very clear to me, and I thought it might be something from the past, until I saw Gaara and Kankuro show up. Then we see a huge ship just off the coast, which opens fire.

After that, the scene jumps to Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru, who are on a mission to capture a ferret which has run away from its owners. But soon after they catch it, they're attacked by some of the same armored people, who are led by someone without armor, named Temujin. It's not clear why they attacked, but in the midst of the fight, Naruto and Temujin get blown off a cliff or whatever. They both awake in the care of a traveling caravan of nomads, who turn out to be the owners of the ferret. But Temujin soon leaves their company, and the ferret follows him.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru and Sakura have split up. Sakura's looking for Naruto, while Shikamaru checks out a sort of moving fortress which resembles the ship the Sand Ninja had been fighting. This one had shown up during the fight between the Leaf Ninja and Temujin. Anyway... Naruto follows Temujin, and meets his master, Haido, who claims to want to create a utopia, a world without war. Haido and Temujin are always talking about the sacrifices that are necessary to create such a world, which mainly seems to mean their own friends who help them fight people such as the Sand Ninja we saw earlier... but it really makes no sense. I don't feel like it was ever adequately explained why they would attack villages or anything, just out of nowhere, how that was supposed to help create their utopia. I mean, it's clear that that wasn't Haido's true purpose, and he was just lying to Temujin and the others, but... I don't really know why any of his people believed him. Though we do learn that Temujin and a childhood friend of his were the last survivors of their own village, which had been destroyed long ago. I thought it was pretty obvious that most likely Haido had been responsible for that, though. Um... I won't say whether I turned out to be right, so that ain't a spoiler.

Where was I? I dunno. I don't suppose I completely followed everything that went on. Haido's group were looking for stones of Gelel, anyway, which had tremendous power. They supposedly wanted to use them to create their utopia. And um... there were a couple of women working for Haido, who had special attacks and could also alter their bodies to increase their power, while Temujin had power derived from a stone of Gelel, which Haido had given him. Anyway, um... I should also say that it turns out the nomads, or at least the elder who led them, knew about the stones, which had been discovered by their ancestors long ago, and were used for great prosperity until a war broke out over the stones, so they were sealed away from the world.

I'm probably saying things all out of order. And anyway, Gaara and Kankuro teamed up with the Leaf Ninja to try to stop Haido, who eventually found the place where the stones were buried. And, you know, there was a big fight, and whatnot. Secrets are revealed. I don't know what else to say without spoiling anything. But anyway, it was a reasonably enjoyable movie, I guess. Don't know if it's something I'd ever need to see again, though.

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