tek's rating: ½

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
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12 episode OVA series, made in 1996-98. It takes place in the last few months of the One Year War (UC 0079). The Federation has recently started mass-producing Gundams based on the prototype in the first series. Actually they make several different types of similar mobile suits, sometimes called Jims. Anyway, in this show there is a team of MS pilots who get a young new ensign, Shiro Amada, as their commander. He eventually falls in love with a Zeon woman, Aina Saharin, whose brother Ginias has been developing a powerful new mobile armor called the Apsalus, which could seriously tip the balance of power in favor of Zeon.

There is an element of the various Gundam series that I rather like, which shows that there can be both good and bad people on both sides of the war, and this series is probably the best example I've seen of that, so far. As well as civilians caught in the middle of it all, who just do whatever they can to survive, and don't necessarily trust either side. Anyway, this is probably my favorite Universal Century Gundam series I've seen so far, though I did prefer a couple of alternate universe series. If I ever rewatch this, I should try to write up a better review.

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