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Dead Leaves
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Okay, first of all, this doesn't look much like anime to me. But it does look like cartoons that would have been animated by people who were problably anime fans. It kind of puts me in mind of stuff that was on MTV in the mid-90s, like The Maxx and Aeon Flux and whatnot. But it is, in fact, anime. And it kind of reminds me of FLCL. Except this is even crazier and more frenetic. I thought it was kind of awesome, even though I wasn't able to completely follow the story, but then the story isn't that important, it's more about the visuals and just general insanity. Anyway, I'm glad it only lasted an hour, I don't think I could've taken much more of it, but while it lasted it sure was a blast.

There are these two people who wake up, naked and with no memories (though Pandy will have occasional flashbacks, mainly involving a story about caterpillars). Pandy is so called because a mark on her eye reminds the other guy of a panda bear. And the other guy is called Retro, because he has an old TV for a head (which certainly is reminiscent of FLCL's robot Canti). They immediately go on a crime spree (stealing clothes, a car, etc.), and though they put up an extremely impressive fight against the authorities pursuing them, before too long they're caught and sent to a prison facility on the moon (which is called Dead Leaves, I guess). There they meet a bunch of other freaks, who are all genetic experiments gone wrong. There are a lot of these freakish prisoners, but the only two I think we really see or hear much of are Chinko Drill, who has a giant drill for a penis, and Dr. Yabu, who will later provide some information about Pandy and Retro's past.

For a while, Pandy and Retro have to suffer the same horrible treatment all the prisoners receive, but before too long they break out of confinement, and free the other prisoners. They barely have time to wonder how they knew how to do that, because they all start making their way to the docking bay to steal a ship, but first they'll have to fight off tons of guards and some powerful robots, and finally two completely bad-ass genetic experiments called 666 and 777. Ultimately they'll encounter the prison warden, Galactica, who I guess was the daughter of the former warden, or something.

Anyway. Pandy and Retro had been to the prison 8 years ago for some reason, and there was an incident that devastated the moon and I guess also killed Galactica's father, for which she blames the two of them, or at least Pandy. And she wants to obtain the genetic mutation cluster that's in Pandy's eye, or something. And I guess Pandy and Retro were in cryonic sleep for 8 years, which I guess is why they don't remember the past. Or something. And um, I dunno, like I said, I didn't completely follow everything about the story, partly because I couldn't even make out everything that everyone said, and partly because none of it made a lick of sense. But it doesn't matter, it's still pretty cool just for the nonstop action, violence, madcap hysteria, amazing visuals, and um, how little Pandy was actually wearing, and stuff.

And believe it or not, there's actually a little piece of the story that I'm intentionally not spoiling for you....

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