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Blue Submarine No. 6
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This is a 4 episode OVA. It's not bad. It's set in a future where some madman named Zorndyke has done something to like put most of the world underwater or something. It was a major catastrophe. And he also created a bunch of intelligent aquatic species, who are currently at war with mankind. There's a hunt for Zorndyke to try to stop him from some other thing he's working on, I guess. I dunno what to say about it. It's a pretty cool show to look at, and the concept isn't really bad. There's nothing really wrong with the show. It's kinda weird and doesn't make much sense really, which is often a good thing, in anime. But I dunno, it just... Well, it's good, but not great, okay? There's a girl named Mutio from the species that comes closest to resembling humans... anyway, I kinda liked her.... I might like to see the show again sometime to refresh my memory, even though I wasn't wild about it when I saw it on TV....

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