on-screen personalities
Could be hosts of talk shows, variety shows, game shows, educational/informational shows, etc. Could be news anchors, reporters, whatever. Or VJs, or... I dunno. Whatever.

Altschul, Serena
Former MTV News reporter.

Brown, Samantha
Host of all kinds of shows on Travel Channel. First thing I saw her in was Girl Meets Hawaii. Then there's Great Hotels and Great Vacation Homes and Passport to Europe and probably any number of other things. It's not like I watch anything on a regular basis, but it's nice to at least occasionally stop there for a little while if I'm channel surfing and one of her shows is on. It's odd, I'm not really a fan of bubbly personalities, but it really works for her... Dunn, Jancee
She's like a music journalist or whatever, but I really just know her as a former VJ on MTV2, probably my favorite VJ ever. Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)
Um... not sure how much of her I've actually seen in anything specific, but of course one can't help but have a sense of her as a host of something, and she appears in various stuff... so whatever. I mean, you can't not like Elvira, right? Hibberd, Laurie
Liked her on Fox After Breakfast, a morning talk show she co-hosted with Tom Bergeron and Bob the Puppet. Kennedy (Lisa Kennedy Montgomery)
Former MTV VJ. O'Brien, Soledad
I always liked seeing her on MSNBC, years ago, not that I ever watched much of that channel. Now she's on CNN, which I also don't watch much, but it's nice to know she's still on TV, anyway. Pak, SuChin
MTV News reporter, and I think I tend to see her doing stuff like the MTV Movie Awards pre-show... Pinfield, Matt
Former MTV VJ. Eventually his show, 120 Minutes, was resurrected on MTV2. Sands, Tara (see voice actors S)
She's done voice work and stuff, but I mostly think of her as one of the hosts of Cartoon Network's old Fridays programming block.

Shear, Rhonda
I suppose technically she's what you might call an "actress," but I really only know her as the former host of USA's old late night movie block, Up All Night.

Soren, Tabitha
Former reporter for MTV News.

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