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MacDowell, Andie
I know her from Groundhog Day; and Hudson Hawk; and Muppets from Space; and one episode of Trial & Error; and Four Weddings and a Funeral. I'd definitely like to see her in some more things.

Mader, Rebecca
I know her from Samantha: An American Girl Holiday; and Lost; and No Ordinary Family; and Once Upon a Time. Madison, Bailee
I know her from
Bridge to Terabithia; a couple eps of The Haunting Hour (as different characters); Just Go Wit It; a few eps of Once Upon a Time; Phoebe in Wonderland; Don't Be Afraid of the Dark; Northpole (and its sequel). Madsen, Virginia
I know her from Sideways; and Brave New Girl; and Red Riding Hood; and A Prairie Home Companion; and a few eps of Monk; and a couple eps of Elementary; and a small role in Better Watch Out. Probably saw her in some other stuff I don't remember, as well as some voice work. Mahaffey, Valerie
I liked her in her recurring role as Eve on Northern Exposure. And there were several episodes of Desperate Housewives, a couple episodes of Glee. And I've seen her in other stuff I don't remember so well. Majorino, Tina
I know her from
Waterworld; and Alice in Wonderland; and Veronica Mars; and Napoleon Dynamite. I'd like to see more of her work. Makkena, Wendy
I know her from Sister Act; and
A League of Their Own (a crappy TV spin-off of the movie); and Camp Nowhere. And I wish I could see more of her work. Malick, Wendie
I suppose I vaguely recall her from Dream On (a show which, itself, I only vaguely recall). Mainly I know her from
Just Shoot Me. Also there was an episode of Reba; and a minor role in Scrooged; and a very small role in Waiting...; and Adventureland; and an ep of Pitch; and a recurring role on American Housewife. I also know her for some voice work... Malone, Jena
I'm sure I saw bits of Bastard Out of Carolina and Ellen Foster on TV, but didn't see the whole things. I think I saw enough not to have an opinion on the movies, but at least to confirm that she was a decent actress. Um, anyway, I know her from
Saved!; and Donnie Darko; and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; and Sucker Punch; and The Neon Demon. Manheim, Camryn
I know her from
The Practice; and The 10th Kingdom; and Snow Wonder; and Extant; and Summer Camp, Friends for Life. Manoff, Dinah
I know her from
Empty Nest, and State of Grace, and Bart Got a Room, and Grease. Mara, Kate
I know her from
Urban Legends: Bloody Mary; and Zoom; and American Horror Story: Murder House; and the Funny or Die short "Tiny Detectives"; and she voiced Chrysalis on Moonbeam City. Martin, Andrea
I know her from
SCTV; and a couple eps of Kate & Allie; and an ep of Modern Family; and Hairspray Live; and undoubtedly numerous things I've forgotten, as well as some voice work. Martin, Kellie
I never had regular access to whatever channel Life Goes On was on, but I feel like I saw at least a bit of it at some point. I don't really remember. I did rather like
Christy, though. And it'd probably be nice to see more of her work. Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth
Liked her in
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. And I think at some point I saw The Abyss, but I don't really remember it well. And there were a few episodes of Grimm. Matarazzo, Heather
I know her from Welcome to the Dollhouse; and
Now & Again; and Saved!; and a minor role in Scream 3. I'd certainly like to see more of her work. Matchett, Kari
I know her from Invasion; and Earth: Final Conflict; and at least one ep of Nero Wolfe; and Wonderfalls; and 5ive Days to Midnight; and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip; and an episode of Elementary. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Mathis, Samantha
I know her from
Pump Up the Volume, and Super Mario Bros., and I have a vague notion that at some point I may have seen The Thing Called Love, though I don't really remember for sure. She was in Under the Dome, though I didn't really recognize her somehow, and I didn't care much about the show. And she voiced Crysta in FernGully. Matlin, Marlee
I know her from
Reasonable Doubts; and an episode of Seinfeld; and several episodes of Picket Fences. Mauriello, Julianna Rose
I just know her from
LazyTown, but I liked her in that. I'd definitely like to see her in some more stuff in the future. Mays, Jayma
I know her from
Glee; and a few eps of Heroes; and one episode of How I Met Your Mother; and Red Eye; and Trial & Error; and a small role in an ep of The Comeback (which I saw like twelve years after it aired, and surely wouldn't have recognized her at the time). Mazar, Debi
I know her from
Working; and Batman Forever; and Empire Records; and an episode of Castle; and I watched four eps of Younger; and there was a very small role in So I Married an Axe Murderer. Probably plenty of other things, guest roles or movies or whatever. I dunno. Mbatha-Raw, Gugu
I know her from
Undercovers; and a few eps of Doctor Who; and Belle; and Beyond the Lights; and a minor role in Jupiter Ascending. McAdams, Rachel
I know her from
Mean Girls; and Sherlock Holmes; and Red Eye; and The Notebook; and Wedding Crashers; and Doctor Strange. McCurdy, Jennette
She's pretty cool on
iCarly. Hope to see her in some other stuff someday maybe. McDonnell, Mary
I know her from
Battlestar Galactica; and Mumford; and Donnie Darko; and Independence Day. McDormand, Frances
I know her from
Darkman; and Fargo; and Almost Famous; and Something's Gotta Give; and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day; and Moonrise Kingdom; and Hail, Caesar! And she voiced adult Hannah in State of Grace; and God in Good Omens. McElhone, Natascha
I know her from
The Truman Show; and The Secret of Moonacre; and... I'd like to see more of her work. McFadden, Gates
I know her from
Star Trek: The Next Generation; and at least one episode of The Wizard (under the name "Cheryl McFadden"); and the radio drama Invasion from Mars; and voice work in the short film U Get What U Deserve. McGowan, Rose
I know her from The Doom Generation; and
Scream; and Jawbreaker; and Monkeybone; and Grindhouse; and a couple eps of Once Upon a Time; and the Funny or Die short Boop. McIver, Rose
I know her from
Once Upon a Time; and iZombie; and Play It Again, Dick; and The Answers. And I guess I saw her in earlier things that I don't remember her from (but probably would if I watched them again now that I'm more familiar with her), like Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board; and The Lovely Bones. McKellar, Danica
I know her from
The Wonder Years; and an episode of Working; and an ep of Babylon 5; and an ep of Even Stevens; and an ep of How I Met Your Mother; and Heatstroke. Also she voices Frost on DC Super Hero Girls. McKillip, Britt
I know her from
Dead Like Me; and Trick 'r Treat; and she voiced Princess Cadance on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Meester, Leighton
I know her from
Making History; and Single Parents; and an episode of The Orville; and surely I've seen her in some other roles that I've forgotten. Messing, Debra
I didn't see too much of Will & Grace, but I know her from
Ned & Stacey; and Prey; and Along Came Polly; and Dirty Dancing (2017). Metcalf, Laurie
I know her from
Roseanne; and Uncle Buck; and Scream 2; and a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory; and some voice work; and probably things I've forgotten. Meyers, Ari
Always rather liked her on Kate & Allie. I'm afraid that's about all I've seen her in, though. Meyrink, Michelle
I adored her in Real Genius, so it'd be really great to see her in some other stuff. (But Valley Girl doesn't count.) Michalka, Alyson
I know her from
Phil of the Future; and Now You See It...; and Bandslam; and iZombie. Also I'd like to buy her CD sometime. Michele, Lea
I know her from
Glee; and Scream Queens; and The Mayor; and as the voice of Dorothy in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Milano, Alyssa
I know her from
Who's the Boss?; and an episode of Castle. And she voiced Aimee in DC Showcase: The Spectre. And I'd like to see more of her work. (I also feel compelled to mention that once when I was a kid, I ordered a poster of her that never came, dammit.) Miller, Helen
I only ever saw her in the movie Being Human, and I thought she was really good in it, so I hoped to see her in more stuff after that. I don't really know anything about her, but that movie is the only acting credit on her IMDb page. I included a link here to another site, just because it had a picture of her. But the funny thing is, the page has a list of works that involved "Helen Miller," but all except Being Human are actually about a different Helen Miller. So I guess I might as well just snatch the pic and put it here, and get rid of the otherwise useless link. Anyway, shame she never did any more acting, as far as I know....

Miner, Rachel
I must have first seen her in
Guiding Light (and as far as I'm concerned, hers is the only real Michelle Bauer). There's also several eps of Supernatural, an ep of Fear Itself, maybe some other stuff. Anyway, I'd like to see more of her work... Mirren, Helen
There's Prime Suspect, though I haven't seen much of it. I also know her for
Inkheart; and RED; and the Funny or Die short When Harry Met Sally 2; and some voice work. And a cool anti-drinking & driving commercial from Budweiser. And I'm sure she's done lots of other things I'd like to see. Mistysyn, Stacie
I always quite liked her in Degrassi (both Junior High and High, I guess). And in the TV movie X-Rated. I don't think I've seen her in anything else, which is a shame... Mitchell, Elizabeth
I know her from
Lost; and V (the reimagined series); and Revolution; and Once Upon a Time; and an episode of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street. Montgomery, Elizabeth
She was great on Bewitched, but that's all I know her from. I suppose I should see some of her other work sometime. Moore, Demi
I know her from Ghost, and Indecent Proposal, and
Bunraku, and Now and Then, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and voice work in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Moore, Julianne
I know her from
The Lost World: Jurassic Park; and The Big Lebowski; and several episodes of 30 Rock; and Carrie. And I'm sure I'd like to see more of her work. Morales, Natalie
I know her from
The Middleman; and a couple episodes of Powerless; and an ep of Imaginary Mary; and an ep of Making History; and an ep of Alex, Inc. Moretz, ChloŽ Grace
I know her from the
Kick-Ass movies; and (500) Days of Summer; and Wicked Little Things; and Dark Shadows; and Let Me In; and Scary Girl (on Funny or Die); and several eps of 30 Rock; and another Funny or Die short, Snackpocalypse; and The 5th Wave; and Carrie. She also voiced young Penny in Bolt. Morrison, Jennifer
I know her from
House; and Once Upon a Time; and How I Met Your Mother; and Urban Legends: Final Cut. And probably other stuff. Mulligan, Carey
I know her from
An Education; and an episode of Doctor Who ("Blink"); and... I hope to see more of her work. Murphy, Brittany
I know her from
Almost Home; and Clueless; and Girl, Interrupted; and Uptown Girls; and The Ramen Girl; and Sin City; and Don't Say a Word. Also she voiced Luanne on King of the Hill. Murray, Jaime
I know her from
Warehouse 13; and Defiance; and an episode of Sleepy Hollow; and an ep of Once Upon a Time; and a couple eps of Midnight, Texas; and season 5 of Gotham. Myles, Sophia
I know her from
Underworld; and Thunderbirds; and Tristan & Isolde; and Art School Confidential; and Dracula (TV movie); and an ep of Doctor Who (The Girl in the Fireplace). Myrin, Arden
I know her from Working; and a couple eps of Psych; a few eps of Suburgatory; an episode of Key & Peele; a couple eps of Fresh off the Boat. I may have seen a bit of her work on Mad TV.
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