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d'Abo, Olivia
There's The Wonder Years, and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Greedy, and The Single Guy, and some voice work.

Dale, Cynthia
Years ago, I was vaguely aware of Street Legal, but I don't suppose I ever watched much of it. I liked her, though. And I'm sure I must've seen her in some TV special, which I probably actually have on tape somewhere, I should look for that. She was decent in P.T. Barnum. Reckon it'd be nice to see a bit more of her... Danes, Claire
Of course, the first thing I saw her in, which is still my favorite role of hers, was My So-Called Life. There's also Brokedown Palace, and Terminator 3, and Stardust, and Romeo + Juliet. Also, she voiced San in Princess Mononoke. I'd definitely like to see more of her work. Davis, Geena
I know her from
Beetlejuice; and A League of Their Own; and Cutthroat Island; and Transylvania 6-5000; and Commander in Chief; and The Exorcist (TV series). de Boer, Nicole
I know her from
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Dead Zone. And I vaguely recall Mission Genesis, which I'd like to see again someday. De Carlo, Yvonne
Welp, I guess I liked her in The Munsters, but that's all I've seen, I'm afraid. Probably wouldn't be a bad thing to see more of her work... Delany, Dana
I know her from
China Beach; and Pasadena; and Depserate Housewives; and a couple eps of Castle. And some voice work. DeLizia, Cara
I quite liked her on So Weird, but haven't really seen her in anything else, except an episode of Mad About You, the finale I think. And the TV movie Anna's Dream. I'd definitely be happy to see her in something else. And I'd like to find more links for her. Delpy, Julie
There was um... An American Werewolf in Paris, Before Sunrise, and I think I saw Killing Zoe. Definitely wanna see more of her work. Dennings, Kat
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, and the Thor movies, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. de Ravin, Emilie
I wasn't a big fan of her character on
Roswell, but she was okay I guess. And I enjoyed her work on Lost. And Once Upon a Time. Dern, Laura
I know her from
Jurassic Park; and Rambling Rose; and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I must have seen her in other things I don't specifically remember, and probably there are other things I'd like to see. de Rossi, Portia
I know her best from
Arrested Development, and Better Off Ted, but I suppose I remember her a bit from Ally McBeal, too. There's also Mockingbird Lane. And I may have seen her in other things. Deschanel, Zooey
I know her from
(500) Days of Summer, and Bridge to Terabithia, and Elf, and The Happening, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Mumford, and New Girl, and The New Guy, and Tin Man, and Your Highness, and Almost Famous. She voiced Bridget in Trolls. And she's a really good singer, as half of the group "She & Him." And there've been some commercials, for like cotton, and iPhone. Dewhurst, Colleen
I enjoyed her work on Anne of Green Gables and a few eps of Murphy Brown. Diaz, Cameron
I know her from
Charlie's Angels; and The Mask; and There's Something About Mary; and Being John Malkovich; and her voice work in the Shrek movies. D'Lyn, Shae
I liked her a lot in Dharma & Greg, And the vampire episode of Quantum Leap. And I think that's probably all I've seen her in, which is a shame. Doig, Lexa
I know her from Andromeda, and a few eps of The 4400, a few eps of the reimagined series V, maybe a few guest spots I don't really remember. But I'd definitely like to see more of her. Drescher, Fran
I know her best from
The Nanny. But I also recall an episode of Who's the Boss?, and the short-lived series Princesses, and voice work in Hotel Transylvania. Driver, Minnie
I know her from
The Riches; and Phantom of the Opera; and Peter Pan Live!; and Speechless; and Good Will Hunting; and Ella Enchanted. And she voiced Jane in Disney's Tarzan; and Lady Eboshi in Princess Mononoke. Duff, Hilary
Mainly know her for
Lizzie McGuire. There was also Casper Meets Wendy, Agent Cody Banks, an ep of Joan of Arcadia, an ep of Community, and I watched like the first four eps of Younger before deciding the show wasn't for me. Duffy, Julia
I know her best from
Newhart, but there was also Wizards and Warriors; and Designing Women; and The Mommies (which I barely remember and don't really care about); a few eps of Reba; an episode of Suburgatory; and an episode of Scream Queens; and an ep of American Housewife. Dunaway, Faye
I know her from
Supergirl; and It Had to Be You; and Chinatown; and... I feel like I must have seen her in something else, but... maybe not. Certainly she's done plenty of things I'd like to see. Dunst, Kirsten
I know her from
Interview with the Vampire; and the Spider-Man movies; and a very small role in Bonfire of the Vanities; and Tower of Terror; and Jumanji; and Get Over It; and crazy/beautiful; and Wimbledon; and Mona Lisa Smile; and The Cat's Meow; and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; and Marie Antoinette; and The Two Faces of January. Also some voice work. Durance, Erica
I know her from
Smallville; and The Butterfly Effect 2. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Dushku, Eliza
I know her from
Buffy and Angel; and Tru Calling; and Soul Survivors; and Dollhouse; and The New Guy; and an episode of The Big Bang Theory; and True Lies; and Wrong Turn; and she played Rapunzel in an ep of Princess Rap Battle; and there was "One Shot" on Rocket Jump Shorts. Dziena, Alexis
I mainly know her from her role as Kira in Invasion, but she was also good in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (even if I didn't like her character). And she was okay in When In Rome.
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