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Abdoo, Rose
I enjoyed her work on Johnny Bago, and her occasional appearances on Gilmore Girls. Also a relatively minor role in Good Night, and Good Luck, and a few episodes of Parenthood, and an ep of Psych.

Acker, Amy
I loved her in
Angel, and it was nice to see her guest on episodes of Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Human Target, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD. There was a recurring role on Dollhouse. And Drive. And the movie The Cabin in the Woods. And she voiced the Huntress on Justice League. Adams, Amy
I know her from
Junebug, and American Hustle, and Enchanted, and Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, and The Muppets. Agena, Keiko
I love her in Gilmore Girls, and would really like to see her in some other stuff. Of course, she's also voiced Yori in a few eps of Kim Possible... Agron, Dianna
Liked her in Glee. And I must have seen her in things from which I don't remember her, before that. Anyway, I'd like to see more of her work. Alba, Jessica
Dark Angel was pretty cool. And Fantastic Four. Decent in Sin City. It'd be nice to see more of her work. Aldred, Sophie
I just know her as Ace from Doctor Who, but I must say she was one of my very favorite Companions ever. So, I'm sure it'd be totally wicked to see her in some other stuff someday... Ali, Tatyana
Liked her on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Unfortunately, I think that's all I've seen her in. Be nice to see more of her someday. Alley, Kirstie
I know her from
Cheers; and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; and Look Who's Talking; and Runaway (though I don't remember that very well); and season 2 of Scream Queens. I've probably seen some other stuff I don't really remember off hand, but I'm sure it's always nice to see her. Amick, Mädchen
This is someone I know I've seen in several things, but I rarely remember specifically what, unless I've seen it fairly recently. I liked her in Joey's first season, but I've been vaguely aware of her for years and years prior to that... Um, I probably saw Sleepwalkers, and Central Park West, a few eps of Gilmore Girls, an episode of Psych, maybe some other stuff. Anders, Andrea
There's Joey, Better Off Ted, Mr. Sunshine, and a recurring role in season 6 of Modern Family. Anderson, Gillian
I mainly know her from
The X-Files. There's also the music video Extremis, and Crisis, and I saw a bit of Bleak House, but didn't manage to see the whole thing (hopefully I will someday). And she voiced Moro in Princess Mononoke. Andrews, Julie
I mainly know her from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, but of course I quite liked her in both of those. Also she's done some voice work. Aniston, Jennifer
Well, I first remember seeing her on
Muddling Through, and liked her a lot on that, though it didn't last long. So I was happy some time later when Friends started. There was also an ep of Quantum Leap, and probably some movies... I liked her in Bruce Almighty, and Just Go with It. And sort of in Leprechaun (which I didn't see til 20 years after it came out). Also she voiced Annie in The Iron Giant. Anwar, Gabrielle
I know her from
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, and a small role in the serial The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Mysterious Island, and The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines. Aoki, Devon
I kind of liked her in
D.E.B.S., though her role wasn't that great or really important, I thought. She was cool in Sin City. And I liked her rather a lot in DOA: Dead or Alive. I'd definitely like to see more of her work. Apanowicz, Magda
I adored her on
Kyle XY. She was okay in Devil's Diary. And she was pretty good on Caprica. I certainly hope to see more of her work in the future. Appleby, Shiri
I quite liked her in Roswell. And I guess I liked her in the TV movies Pizza My Heart and Everything You Want. And I liked her in Life Unexpected. Aquino, Amy
I liked her in Brooklyn Bridge. And then I suppose I saw her in some other stuff. Various episodes of Picket Fences, a few eps of Everybody Loves Raymond, a small role in White Oleander, and probably other guest roles. Arnold, Charlotte
So far I just know her from Naturally, Sadie, but I thought she was decent in that, and I'd kinda like to see her in more stuff in the future. Aylesworth, Reiko
I liked her a lot on One Life To Live. Then there were a few eps of Lost, a small guest role in an episode of the reimagined Hawaii Five-0 (though apparently she's been in more episodes of that since I stopped watching it). A few eps of Revolution, and an episode of Castle. It'd be nice to see more of her work.
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