short films

So, what is a short film? According to Wikipedia, there's no concensus, but the Academy says it's "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits." Which sounds good enough to me. Anyway, I'm sure I saw a lot of animated shorts when I was a kid in the 1980s, but most of the time I didn't think of them as such, I just thought of them as segments on TV shows, most notably The Wonderful World of Disney and The Bugs Bunny Show. (Of course, some of those segments may have been created specifically for TV, but many of them were much older theatrical shorts.) So I'd like to rewatch a lot of those old things someday, and write reviews. And there were probably a bunch of old theatrical shorts from Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, or other studios, that I haven't seen, and probably should. But there are also certainly lots of short films I've never even heard of, and which aren't part of any familiar franchise. Most of them I probably wouldn't even be interested in, but... you never know.

More recently, there was the 2000-2002 Sci-Fi Channel anthology series Exposure, which included some animation, but also the vast majority of live-action short films I've ever seen. I have reviews of a few of those films here, but there are plenty of others from that series that I'd like to see again someday, and write reviews of. Even more recently than that, there have been short films (either theatrical or as bonus features on DVD/Blu-ray) accompanying movies from studios like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Marvel, and others. Of course, there will always be lots of short films I never even hear of, but I'll do my best to watch and review as many as I can, if I do hear of them.

In 2018, I broke this up into separate sections for animated, live-action, horror, and anthology short films. I feel I should say that some things listed under "live-action" may include some animation (especially CGI), as long as the short is set in a predominantly live-action world. And things listed under "anthology" are not necessarily anthologies in the strictest sense. Some are, but others are more like collections of shorts. And there may be some things I don't list under anthology, but rather one of the other categories, even if they include more than one film. (If they're not even part of a collection, just things I had some particular reason of my own for listing on the same page.) And of course, there can be some crossover between categories, some shorts (or series of shorts) I list in more than one section. This particularly applies to horror and anthologies, both of which can include live-action and animated shorts. I also feel I should mention that shorts in any category can be either comedies or dramas.

See also web reviews, some of which might be considered short films.