I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Mean Girls (PG-13)
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Based on a nonfiction book about female high school cliques. Which is pretty scary. Actually the group in this fictional movie reminded me of the Fashion Club from Daria. The movie was written by Tina Fey (who plays a teacher in the movie, and who we've always liked). It's about this girl named Cady Heron, who had been home schooled in Africa all her life by her zoologist parents. But then they moved to an American suburb, and Cady had to learn to survive in high school. She first hooks up with a couple of outcasts named Damian and Janis, who hated the clique called The Plastics. So Cady became a Plastic to bring them down from the inside. Things get complicated, of course. Not sure what else to say, except of course that all the girls were hot. Anyway, it's a good movie, and hopefully, in addition to entertaining, it might teach some kids not to act... the way they do. (It's mostly a comedy, but I like to think it's enough of a "message movie" to move into seriocomedy territory.) I should try to watch it again someday so I can write a better review, or at least give it a rating.

Oh yeah, one other thing I can tell you: I will never stop trying to make "fetch" happen.

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