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Anything Else (R)
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What to say? First of all, there's the question of what category to put this in. Obviously I went with "comedy," but there's always the temptation to put Woody Allen films under something like "art films." Not that I'm terribly familiar with his work, I'm afraid; his heyday was a bit before my time, and this... is one of those films that comes a bit after his time. There's also the possibility of "romance," and I even sort of considered "weird," but it's not really that weird. "Quirky" might be more apt, but... I dunno. It definitely feels too artsy to be comedy, I mean considering most of the other movies I put in this category, but... eh, I dunno.

Whatever. The main reason I watched this is because Christina Ricci's in it. I always love her. And anyway, this was... better than some movies I've seen her in. The main character is this comedy writer named Jerry Falk (played by Jason Biggs). Ricci plays his girlfriend, Amanda. He also has a friend named Dobel, a fellow comedy writer played by Allen (of course), who is kinda nuts (possibly even moreso than Allen's characters typically are). It's hard for me to really know what to say about the movie. Falk has all these problems, mainly an inability to leave anyone, even when he knows he should. Whatever the relationship is. There's his manager (played by Danny DeVito), who isn't that great for his career. There's his shrink, who clearly isn't helpful in any way. Dobel doesn't seem to be a great friend, for that matter. But mainly there's Amanda... who is clearly not cut out for long term relationships, for a number of reasons.

I dunno. Everyone in the movie is kinda nuts, in the way everyone always is in a Woody Allen film. But there were some laughs. *shrug* That's all I can say. I have no intention of seeing the movie ever again, but I didn't mind watching it the once.

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