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I originally listed books by genre, in the navframe, but I later changed my mind, and listed all genres together. However, I eventually decided to make separate sections for each genre, but it will take me awhile to move everything.
science fiction


Anyway... I've always loved to read, though I am rather a slow reader, and I usually I don't even pick up whatever book I'm currently reading, as often as I wish I would. And of course, I didn't start writing reviews here until like 2009, so there are countless books I've read throughout my life, but haven't reviewed. (For a partial listing, see my nostalgia page, for things I read when I was a kid; and my books I've read before page, for things I read as a teenager and young adult.) I must say, it causes me mild distress to think how many books I've read that I'm going to completely forget to include on any of these pages, and to think... that I don't even have a ballpark estimate of what the actual number of books I've forgotten might be. But hey, I've got plenty of much better things to be distressed about, so I guess it's not a big deal.

Um, also: I think I'll include pictures of the books, in my reviews. Links provided in reviews may have pictures of book covers, but may not always be of the actual copies I have... because, of course, books get reprinted many times over the years, sometimes by different publishers, and so they may go through any number of different covers. I'd kind of like you to be able to see the covers I have, so... I'll look for such pics online (Amazon is usually a good bet), and failing that, I'll scan my own copies. Won't that be nice?

Reviews may contain links to various sites, including Amazon, Goodreads, Scholastic, The Templeton Gate, TV Tropes, Wikia, Wikipedia, and sometimes author or publisher websites. In rare cases I may even include links to fansites, but I'm sure there are countless websites, both fan-made and professional review/reference/shopping/whatever kind of sites, to which I don't include links. I therefore encourage you to google any title or author that sounds interesting to you.

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