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The f®eAk§ of Starcraft

Once long ago a lone soul was cast away from all norms. He was forced to become an outcast with no hope just because of his deformities. Soon this outcast met up with others like him, other "Freaks".
Together they travelled through recruiting lost souls into there band of members. This group grew and is still growing. Now the Freaks of Starcraft dwell in channel "The Freaks" searching for other to join their Great Alliance!.


Feb/11/00 ~ ZaZ
Well I finally got the basic files section up; to get any files posted just e-mail me them zipped. A brand new strategy page is being built by our Stratigist fReaK`OfNature; when complete it will be on the tool bar. Section CUSTOM MAPS under construction...

Feb/09/00 ~ ZaZ
I just put up the news section today so lets see how it works out. I am working on the FILES section which will contain mostly bots and utilities. I went through extensive updates today by putting up the Tool Bar, yadda yadda and I think it went fairly well.