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j0 f00lz. Alright. Sound clips.. download them! All sound clips belong to their owners.. and uhh.. thats about it.

Snuggly Soft - Sean Egan

Stuff you'd say in a British ghetto - Sean Egan

A phone prank done to walmart using quotes from a movie - Matt (last name undisclosed until I'm sure he wants it on here)

Three phone pranks - John Gallagher (funny shit)

Badabing - Travis O'Keeffe

Foreign president - John Bonomi

Bunny! - Travis O'Keeffe

Short Rap - Sean Egan and Ryan Zanol

Longer Rap - Freestyle!(good stuff) - Sean Egan and Ryan Zanol

Vagina - Sean Egan and Ryan Zanol

Chinese Skit/Kitten Killing/Making An Omelette (The Chinese skit is partly a true story) - Travis, Keith, and Sean

Meat - Keith

A Little Tussle(the first loud crash is Keith tackling Travis and the second loud bang is Keith jumping down the stairs) - Travis, Keith, and Sean

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