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CP Stuff! Yup that's right CP stuff. This year our movies are released to the public, and a whole bunch other stuff. For instance : shirts, caps, The CP book, and many more items will soon be appearing. The CP book will probably never be published because of the stupid items and horrible spelling errors. We're too lazy to ever do anything right anyways. Take the site for example.

E-mail us at then write your name, address, and the merchandise. Then I will email you and tell you your bill and where to send it. Or, if you know us, just ask us for it and we'll sell it to you in school or something.

The CP Movies!! You can buy a copy of either the compilation movie, which is an edited version of the movies. We take out all the crap that people never find funny, and don't watch anyways for you so you don't have to fast forward through them. Or, you can buy the full movies. Which are long and boring and only have a few funny parts. The compilation is $10 and the full movies are $15.

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