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¤Chicken Patrol - Keeping the world safe from evil penguins everywhere¤
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The CP Members

This is all the CP members as of now. If you wanna to become a CP member you have e-mail us, then we give you a test, then you reply with your answers...e-mail us at
Anywho.. here's the members (in order of year they joined)

Joined in 1998-1999 (5th grade)

Travis "The Man" O'Keeffe
Keith Woj.
Eric Ford
Sean Egan

Joined in 1999-2000 (6th grade)

John Bonomi
Jon Scollo

Joined in 2000-2001 (7th grade)

Katt Bonomi
Joe Hornung
Chris Grimm
Ryan Zanol
Kevin Harris

Joined in 2001-2002 (8th grade)
Dan Barbarich

Joined in 2002-2003 (9th grade)

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