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Hi all, and Welcome to Cherry Blossoms Inc! This is a page full of bunches o' goodness, from anime to Tori Amos, and a whole bunch of crud in between. The crazy webmistresses of this here website are: Cammie, Mellie, and Candy, though Cammie and Mellie do most of the updating; Candy is just like the offical ego booster, saying things are cool, and once in a while puts something up. If you feel the need to contact us, email us at Anyway, hope you have a great stay here, and come back soon!


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From Ah! My Goddess, to Weiss Kreuz, we've got all our favorites, and we're sure you'll enjoy them as well.

Our image galleries kick butt, by the way.

~*bishonen*~All those yummy bishonen us fangirls have caught/snatched/hoarded. Not all that exciting, but hey, it's bishonen, and everyone loves bishonen.

What would we do without


Fun Fun Fanfiction. Written by Cammie and Mellie, but mostly by Cammie, these fics are sure to please!

If you are a really cool person, you'll email us to tell us what you thought of them!

~*final fantasy*~

Oh that lovely and overall fabulous game series, Final Fantasy. You know you love it, and so do we, bunches.

mmm... Squall...


Would a page be complete without a section dedicated to the place that is the home of all things good in this world? I think not.

Gackt is soooooooooooo hot.

~*huzzah*~The villagers rejoiced, "Huzzah". And then they said "Oh the horror, the horror" because Mellie had started a web comic.

It's so funny, and you know it. Don't deny what you know.

~*tori amos*~

Hail Tori Amos, the Goddess of all things music. No one is better than her, no one, and don't even think about opposing us about that.

Rabbits, plinkety, plinkety, plink.


You don't really wish to leave, do you? Oh, you do, poo on you, but if you must, here are some places that we have deemed worthy.

On second thought, there shall be no leaving, sorry.

~*omake*~All the things that didn't really have a home anywhere else, the little randomness of our minds being spilled out into the page.

It shall be quite enjoyable, we promise.

~*pockey eatin' panda posse*~The title says it all. Actually, it really doesn't say anything does it? Well, it's a page where you can find out about us.

Learn about us crazy biznatches.

~*lit corner*~

The Lit Corner. Basically, exactly what it sounds like. Original stuff that we've written and decided to post here. It's all quite wonderful, really.

Read, pretty please!!

~*email us*~

Email us! We'd LOVE to hear from you. Trust us, it'd be nice to know that people other than ourselves come here.