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Welcome to my New Homepage,! You may have been to my original site,'s corner. I decided to move because Expage doesn't give me enough space. If you want to send me a story, question, or anything... PLEASE DO IT!!! You don't even have to email me, cuz i know how annoying that can be. Just put it in the text box at the bottom of this page and clik 'submit' it's as easy as that, and completely annonymous. Thanks again for visiting my page! don't forget to sign the guest book on your way out.
Ps, check out the links above to see my second angelfire site with tons of games, my first page ever, and a story I wrote. OH! Check out the new page, That's all about YOU!!!
Welcome To Chelsea's Page.

Emberassing stories- *NOTE* I have benn REALLY busy and not updating my website all the time. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TO COMPLAIN THAT YOUR STORY HAS NOT BEEN POSTED! i have a lot of requests and not much time to post them. Be patient, it could get up there evtnually. Hey Chews! Heres a story 4u. One time my teach was talking to me after school while i was walking ahead of her and then all the sudden she says "Hello?" and i go "hi!" and she says "Did you get the chicken?" and i was like "um, the chicken?" and she says "Your coming over tonight right?" and i got really scared and turned around saying "Hey what the heck are you talking about!" and she was on her cell phone! she hadnt been talking to me for a while! I was so emberassed!
Hi. One day at school I found this note on my desk during 6th period, and it was from these really hot guy. It said that he had loved me since second grade and would i please go out with him. I was ecstatic,I showed it to all my friends. Then at the end of the period this really pretty girl came rushing in and looked all around my desk and then she asked me "Have you seen a little folded up piece of paper??" I took the paper out of my pocket. She gave me a dirty look and snathced it away. "It's not nice to take other peoples stuff." and everyone heard. I wanted to cry. It had been for her all along. ~ Unlucky in love~ Hey Chelsea- Here is one of my embarrassing moments for ur page! One Day I was at dance class and the teacher paired me up with this really hot guy to try out our routine. I was so excited, this guy was so cute (and straight) but i start to jump when my ankle twists backwards and i scream and fall right into him, knocking us both flat on the ground!! I was so emberassed, i bet we'll never be partners again! ~Dancing Queen I was playing basketball after-school with some of my buds and as I went for a lay-up....A guy went to block me, but he accidentally pulled my shorts down, showing almost everyone I knew - since the buses hadn't left! To make matters even worse I was wearing a G-string!!! ~EMBERASSED One day I was out with my best friend Suzy at the mall. I had just gotten over a cold but i was still on the medication which makes me feel a little woozy. After we had lunch, I needed to go to the bathroom. Im feeling a little dizzy, and when i go into the stall and shut the door i got so sick feeling i passed out! So Suzy is standing out there waiting for me forever when she starts to get worried. They had to call someone in their to get me, I was so emberassed! but hey, at least i didnt have my pants down. ~Bathroom Sleeper Got a story?At the bottom of the page is an email form that you can send to me without doing any work. One of the things im asking for is
Emberassing Moments!
and i will put them right here. DONT WORRY! if you dont include your email on the form there is NO POSSIBLE way for me to tell who u r.

Need Some Advice? Chelsea. Hi! My best friends girlfriend is a total bore! Whenever we go anywhere she just wants to go home, or whines about whatever we're doing! And she's always bumming off me for money, cuz she totally sucks my bf dry! I cant stand her but he takes her everywhere with us! what do i do? i dont want to lose my best friend. ~angry Angry, Dont stress out! His GF has to be busy sometimes, right? If her whole life revolves around him he has 2 get bored eventually. Plan stuff with him when she wont be able to go, remind him how much fun it is to do stuff one on one with you. Its not like their getting married, he can find time 4 u both. As for the money... shes not YOUR girlfriend. You dont have to give it up. ~Chews HELP ME! This total loser is stalking me and telling everyone he is my boyfriend! They all think its true and im just lying about it to be popular! I cant get it through to this weirdo that i hate his guts, or to my friends that we're NOT going out! what do i do?? ~Loser Lover~ Dear Loser, Chill! Everything will be ok. First: your firends should know you well enough to know you wouldnt date this creep. So i think you should have a little talk with them. Second: I take it that putting this guy down nicely hasnt worked for you, so its time to get dirty. In a public place you need to loudly declare that he is not, and will never be, your boyfriend. If he keeps it up, sign him up to take a little trip to the counselors office, cuz this dude is psycho! ~chelsea~ Chelsea, My mom is such a !!! she wont let me do anything i want to do! if she had her way i would be locked away from the world until i was 55!! My friends used to call me all day to ask if i could do stuff, but now the never call because they know what my mom will say, NO!!! it is driving me nuts! Why wont she let me have a life?? ~Funless Dear Funless, Ouch! That sounds pretty harsh. Try telling your mom all the good things about where you are going, or introduce her to your friends. maybe she will be more comfortable with them and let you go. but start small, like having someone over, or going to a movie. It will probably be a while before she lets you go to a party at 1 am. (hopefully younger than 55) and if she doesn't lighten up, just remember that when you turn 18 she cant tell you what to do anymore (but she CAN kick you out) ~chelsea Do you need advice? Friend trouble, family trouble, COMPUTER TROUBLE i dont care. well if you do then just put your question in the form below (if u want it to be anonymous dont put your email i wont know who u r) ask me anything!

Chelsea's Reviews of Everything!
Im here to tell you what i think is cool, and what sucks. Put your opinions in the email form at the bottom of this page.
Hey! I just wanted to say i think this new website, my virtual model ( is really awesome! You design a model that looks like you and take it internet hoppingand try on clothes from real stores like american eagle. Not very many sotres do it yet, but im sure this will catch on. I love shopping on the net but you can never be sure how stuff will fit. Now u have at least SOME idea! its not perfect, but its better than nothing!
Jennifer Lopez
I am sure that my friends will murder me if they read this, but so what. Have you ever actually listened to her music?? Have you noticed that you can barely even hear her voice? It's all her backup singers! It's entirely digitized and played with until you can't hear her at all! This stuff isn't music, it's techno garbage. everyone just wants to watch a pretty girl in a small bikini dance around and move her mouth a little bit. Well, I'll pass thanks very much. And her acting career is no better. It basically consists of her batting her eyes and flaunting her boobs while she mumbles a few short sentences to try and pass herself off as an actress. I hope it's the fact that she os focusing on two careers that makes her this way, or else we should all be very afraid.
I love this band. They're CD something like human is definitely one of the best. I love the songs innocent and hemmoregae in my hands, not to mention th at the lead singer is really hot. I reccomend that you go buy this CD, or at least the single to Hemmorage in my hands. It is the best song on the CD. It's about a guy who's girlfriend dies. It's sad,but really good. A l l y Mc B e a l
i use to love that show. Over the years it started to get weirder, and weirder, and weirder. And not only that, it got less and less funny. More sex jokes, and less joke-jokes. My opinion, they should ALL be in mental instituitons. I don watch any more.
B o n d, J a m e s B o n d
I just have to say this, I AM SO SICK OF JAMES BOND! how many of theese movies are they going to make??? and how many chicks can a guy use in his lifetime??? But as long as man like big shiny things and pretty girls they keep selling tickets. Well I dont watch them.
Isnt it funny how socks are becoming a trend? they use to just keep our feet warm and comfy in cool shoes, but now they are a major fashion stateent. My school has uniforms, so everyone has cool socks to make up for it. I think they are pretty neat, but wha'ts next? Is evrything we do going to have to make a statement? But i think toe sox are very cute so im not complaining.
It bugs the crap out of me when people tell yuo they want to go somewhere then cancel at the last minute. If you dont want to go, just tell me in the first place. No offense, but i am sick of people complaining about how depressed they are. Its like they think that saying "oh yeah i had a nervouse breakdown last week" makes them more popular! All it makes me think is get a life. If you REALLY had a nervous breakdown then go see a psychiatrist and shut up about it because you are to young too have mental problems. Opinios? questions? comments? ideas? put them in the form below!

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