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From my experience, there are two types of monsters.
First, one that can be redeemed, or more importantly, wants to be redeemed.

And the second type?

The second is void of humanity.
Can not respond to reason or love.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction

Rated PG-13

Spike reflects on what it is that drives the poof. Angst, vignette. Spoilers for The Body
Repercussions [HTML]  [TEXT]

Rated NC-17

Buffy's unacknowledged attraction for Spike makes itself felt.
Sneak [HTML]  [TEXT]  [ Reviews]

Heartbreak Even
Rated PG-13

Sequel to "Sneak." Buffy and Tara have a talk. How, exactly, *did* Buffy find out what happened to cause their group memory loss? How did she react? And what does Tara make of this whole Spike thing?
Heartbreak Even [HTML]  [TEXT]  [ Reviews]

Realization of Consciousness
Rated PG-13

A little coda for OMWF. Vignette.
Realization of Consciousness [HTML]  [TEXT]

The Continuing Adventures of Joan and Randy, Super-Heroes
Rated PG-13

What might have happened if Xander hadn't stepped on that crystal when he did? (Post-ep Tabula Rasa, quasi-AU adventure fic.)
The Continuing Adventures... [HTML]  [TEXT]  [ Reviews]

Rated G

Silly little drabble. Do you remember your first day with a driver's license?
Freedom [HTML]  [TEXT]

A work in progress -- Rated PG-13

Spike discovers that not all things in life fall into line as easily as he'd like. Features B/S UST and W/T.
"Surfacing" index

Dear Diary
A work in progress -- Rated R

Buffy gets an assignment for Creative Writing. And runs with it.
"Dear Diary" index

How to Disappear Completely
A work in progress -- Rated PG-13

The beginning of Season Six, Nik's way. Massive, huge, ornery S6 SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.
"How to Disappear Completely" index

A work in progress -- Rated PG-13

Buffy and Spike converse. Strangely, there is no ass-kicking involved.
Untitled [HTML]  [TEXT]

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About the Author: Nikki Bjelica (pronounced bE-'ye-li-tsz& ) is a pseudonym. I am a twenty-something writer located in beautiful Chicago, Illinois (go Cubs! This is your year!), and I began writing fanfiction after the airing of the BtVS episode "Fool for Love" in its fifth season.
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