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Yule Roast

Yule Roast


Roast (food for next year)
Potatoes 2 cans (Love and Purity)(peace, harmony and love)
Carrots (sun)
Green beans (earth)


Garlic Powder
Minced Onions
Oregano leaves
Parsley flakes
Meat tenderizer

Cut roast into strips. Put into about half a pan of water with seasonings.
Cook until almost done.

Add one can of potatoes for the purity of the earth.
One can of carrots for the return of the sun.
One can of green beans for the greening of the earth.
One can of potatoes for the peace and harmony and love that Spring brings.

Cook and serve Roast on the night of Yule, or the next day if you prefer. This is to bring about the return of spring.