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Witches Tools

There are many tools that a Witch uses. The ones that I mention below are just a few. Not every Witch uses tools some have never used anything but their minds.

Some Witches use only tools that nature provides. Where others use man made tools. I use both. The way that I see it is the Creator made man and man makes the tools. Therefore the Creator made the tools as well as man.


The Chalice is used in rituals like the Catholics and Christians do. It is used to honor the God and Goddess.

I have three Chalices. One is metal and the other two are glass. Out of the three I have only used the metal one.

Censer or Incense Burner

The Censer or Incense Burner is where we do our sacrifices. Yes Witches do sacrifices. But we burn Herbs and other natural things. We do not sacrifice Animals, Children or anything like that. It is not in our nature.

I have many Incense burners. Some for stick incense and some for cone incense. I even have one that looks like the picture.

Pentical or Pentagram

Used as a Religious symbol like the cross or crucifix. It is no more an Evil symbol than what the cross is. Even though many people would have you believe that it is.

I have two necklaces with a pentagram on them. One I wear and the other is put up for my daughter. She will only receive it when she is old enough to know what it is and when she chooses to accept it.


The Cauldron is said to be where a Witch stirs her Magick brew.

"Double, Double Toil and Trouble Cauldron Boil and Cauldron Bubble"

Most Witches today use a Cauldron for burning things in or for Scrying.


The Athame is used in rituals or for carving on Candles.

Crystal Ball

Used to see someone's past, present or future. Also events that are yet to happen.

I really do not know much about a Crystal Ball I have not used one yet.


Some people use a Staff just for walking. Others use a Staff like a wand to direct power where it is needed.

Just a hodge podge of thought

Learning takes time. Alot of practice and yes reading. When I got my Native American tarot deck I spent alot of time with it. I would shuffle the cards for hours and do readings for myself. I guess you can say that I bonded with them. I wanted to get the feel for them. What I did was make them where they would not let me do readings for someone else with them.

So my brother gave me a deck that he got. He told me that they did not feel right for him. I have not worked much with the second deck. They are for doing readings for other people. The best thing that I can tell you is use your instinct and let your spirit guide help you.

I do not think that any two decks are alike. But most decks are made up on the same principles. They have the Major and Minor Arcana even though they might not be called the same thing. No two decks are ever the same though. Even if they are made the same.

Alone time is hard to come by sometimes. I live with my 5 year old daughter, Mom and my sister. Up until 2 years ago we also had my two nephews. It was hard to find time to myself.

When my nephews were here they helped out with my daughter by playing with her. That gave me a few minutes alone from time to time. When they left Lisa my daughter was 3. So she would play by herself. We would take walks together or play outside. Now that she is 5 she is going to school. It gives me alot of time to myself.

You just have to set aside a little time for yourself each day. I used to wait until the kids went to bed. That was my time alone. Although most of the time I would fall asleep in the chair while meditating. When you do meditate you don't have to use the positions that they suggest in the books. They are uncomfortable. Just use your best judgment and you will not go wrong.