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Over the years I am sure we have all heard these words "What kind of Witch are you", or "What does this Witch or that Witch do", or "What is the meaning of such and such a Witch". So I have decited to make a page just for the different types of Witches. I need to give credit to those who have helped me with this they have all been sweethearts. So I will include their name along with what they have shared. So far they have all been in one group check it out they are a nice group of people. I guess I am a little funny with my pages because I would rather ask a Witch what the meaning of their path is to them, then go to a book and copy down what is there. To me it seams more realistic.

With no further adue here are the types of Witches I have so far. If you would like to have your path on here as well, or want to add a coment on a type of Witch you can email me at

Hedge Witch

Kitchen Witch

Green Witch

Eclectic Witch