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Sacred Space and Alters

My sacred space is where ever I am. I carry it with me. But my personal space is where ever I decide to do a ritual or spell or where I put my craft supplies. I have more or less three spaces set up right now to hold my craft supplies. One is on top of my dresser where I have a candle and some other things. Most of the stuff has been taken off and moved to other places. The second is a bookcase where my books are supposed to be kept. They do not always stay where they are supposed to stay. I take them out and go through them and forget to put them back. Something that I get on my daughter for and need to work on myself. It also holds my Chalice, Cauldron, Athame, Mortal & Pestle Various candle holders and incense burners, smudge sticks, oils that I have made up, Tarot cards and other things that are too numarace to remember right now. The third is an upright cabinet. My books are on top of it. That is where they get put when I leave them out. It also has My herbs. Many of them I have collected from around our farm. Some I can not find so I have to buy. And the oils that I bought.

My Alter is out on the front porch. It is just a little table that I picked up at a yard sale. Believe it or not I just got an Alter. It is kept outside because my Mom and sister have asthma and breathing problems. I do not want to burn incense in the house around them. For years I have used the dining room table, coffee table, end table, kitchen counters, whatever was in front of me when the mood hit me. Where I live in Missouri has alot of big rocks. Some of you might know what I am talking about here. So I pretty much have my choice of outside Alters. Most of the ones I like are pointed North or pretty much North. Which is just fine with me. Ever since we moved here I have been turned around. In pretty much most of the houses we have lived in the front door, or door we use the most has pointed North.