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To those of you who already know what the Sabbats are, please bear with me. I know someone out there has no idea what they are.

The Sabbats are much like any other holiday, in fact they are holidays to Witches and Pagans. At one time these holidays were recognized throughout the known world.

They represent the changing of the seasons, planting of the seeds and bringing in of the harvests. But besides these things they mean so much more.

For each Sabbath there is a meaning behind where they were started. With luck I will put as much about them on my page as I can, so that people will understand why we choose these as our own.

To start with I will put a list of the Sabbats, and if the information is too great I will put them on their own page. I may just do that anyway.

There are eight major Sabbats in the turn of the wheel. The turn of the wheel is one complete cycle of the seasons.

Halloween / Samhain ~~ October 31

Winter Solstice / Yule ~~ December 21 or 22

Imbolic / Candlemas ~~ February 2

Spring Equinox ~~ March 21 or 22

Beltane ~~ April 30 or May 1

Summer Solstice ~~ June 21 or 22

Lammas ~~ August 1

Fall Equinox ~~ September 21 or 22